Do you crave a brighter and cleaner home? Our basic Cleaning Tips will help you achieve this!

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Over the next few weeks we will be giving you tips on cleaning different parts of the home. The areas that we will cover are the bathroom, living room, kitchen, floors and also general cleaning tips such as getting rid of bad odours.

Utilising these tips can make this most arduous of tasks more bearable if you do the cleaning yourself and do not employ a domestic to do so. It will also make the domestic's life easier.

Speaking of domestic cleaners, let me start out this free Cleaning Tips by presenting you with one simple principle: You can get a cleaner that you are happy with if you persevere. However the problem is that more than 90% of people who are trying to obtain a cleaner do not have the time nor the inclination to do so. In this day and age with, in most cases both partners working, they do not have time to do this much less the time to do the house work themselves. This is when they turn to an agency.

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Anyway back to these Cleaning Tips.

Cleaning Tip No 1.

Schedule your house cleaning, from taking out the trash to cleaning the oven.

Everyone has his or her own idea of what 'clean' is. If you take a look in a number of different homes, you will probably see different degrees of clean. A person's house that does not seem to be as clean to you, may seem to be spotless to them or to someone else. Different people tolerate dirt and mess differently.

Once you have an idea of how clean you actually want your home to be, you can determine just how often each task will need to be done.

Set realistic goals. If you work forty hours a week and take care of a family, you may not be able to wash your floors two or three times a week. Although, the more family members that can contribute to the household chores, the better your chances of having the clean home you desire. But, having more family members also means having more cleaning to do.

To decide how often you will need to clean, you need to decide how clean you want your home. Do you want it to be tidy, clean or absolutely spotless?

Tidy: Things are picked up and look neat.

Clean: Everything is clean and ready for unexpected guests.

Spotless: You could eat off of the floor.



  • Straightening up - Twice a week.
  • Garbage - Twice a week.
  • Dusting - Once every other week.
  • Dusting out of reach - Once a month.
  • Spot-cleaning walls etc.- Once every other week.
  • Washing walls - Once a year.
  • Vacuuming - 2 to 3 times a month.
  • Carpet spots - Once a week.
  • Shampooing carpets - 1 to 3 times a year.
  • Dusting blinds - quarterly.
  • Washing blinds - Once a year.


  • Sinks - Every day
  • Mirrors - Every week
  • Toilet - Every week
  • Wipe shower - Twice a week
  • Clean shower - Every week


  • Sink - Every week
  • Sweep floors - Every week
  • Mop floors - Every week
  • Wax floors - Every month
  • Clean stove/oven - as needed


  • Straightening up - 4 times a week
  • Garbage - 3 times a week
  • Dusting - Every week
  • Dusting out of reach - Twice a month
  • Spot-cleaning walls etc. - Every week
  • Washing walls - Every year
  • Vacuuming - Every week
  • Carpet spots - Twice a week
  • Shampooing carpets - 2 to 4 times a year
  • Dusting blinds - 6 times a year
  • Washing blinds - Every year


  • Sinks- Every day
  • Mirrors - Twice a week
  • Toilet - Every week
  • Wipe shower - 4 times a week
  • Clean shower - Every week


  • Sink - 3 times a week
  • Sweep floors - Twice a week
  • Mop floors- Every week
  • Wax floors - Every month
  • Clean stove/oven - as needed


  • Straightening up - 7 times a week
  • Garbage - 3 times a week
  • Dusting - 3 times a week
  • Dusting out of reach - Every week
  • Spot-cleaning walls etc.- 3 times a week
  • Washing walls - Twice a year
  • Vacuuming- 4 times a week
  • Carpet spots - 7 times a week
  • Shampooing carpets - once a month
  • Dusting blinds - once a month
  • Washing blinds - Twice a year


  • Sinks - Every day
  • Mirrors - Every day
  • Toilet - Twice a week
  • Wipe shower - Every day
  • Clean shower - Twice a week


  • Sink - Every day
  • Sweep floors - 5 times a week
  • Mop floors - Twice a week
  • Wax floors - Once a month
  • Clean stove/oven - as needed

We hope you will find this information helpful!

See you next time with some more Cleaning Tips.

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