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1. The Appointment.

You have come here because you are now ready to book an appointment.

You have looked at our web site fully finding about SelClene, who we are, what we offer, how we vet, recruit, and then allocate our cleaners.

Or you may have looked at only a few pages and decided to arrange an appointment.

Or you may have got a recommendation from a friend or work colleague, had a quick glimpse of the web site and decided to book.

However whatever the reason, booking an appointment with us is an easy process.

Please complete the simple form below:

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If you still have some more questions you can either include this on the Appointment Form or

Ring us on: 0208 3417888 and ask for Aubrey.

2. Updates are ongoing.

More information about this page will be given as we develop this site further. Please bear with us as we gather the relevant information.

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