Frequently Asked Questions about our House Cleaning Services in London.

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1. Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Q: How does SelClene work and what do I do if the cleaner does not show up?

1. We select a cleaner for you from our database of cleaners whom you then employ direct.

2. Your membership fee covers the recruitment, interviewing, selection and appointment of cleaners and gives you access to a replacement cleaner upon demand.

3. You've probably employed domestic staff before and may have found that sometimes a cleaner does not turn up or that the relationship between you and the cleaner does not work out. With our agency, you simply call us and we can send you another cleaner within days.

Q: What background checks are done on the cleaner?

1. Every cleaner comes with references from former employers, which we check. You can obtain a copy of these. We also accumulate additional references from their existing SelClene clients once they have been with us a while.

2. We check proof of identity by requiring a passport, birth certificate or some other form of ID, so we know they are who they say they are.

3. We also require proof of address, such as a gas or telephone bill, so we know they do live at the address they give us.

Q: How soon can I have a cleaner start?

1. If you require a cleaner, call us on 020 8341 7888 or email us at:

2. Allow a few days to book the appointment with us, after which it takes 1-5 days (normally much earlier) for somebody to be allocated to you.

Q: What happens if the cleaner does not turn up or I go away?

1. If you miss any cleaning, say due to changeovers, periods when you or your cleaner are on holiday, or on account of the cleaner being ill, you can claim a No Charge Period for the time missed.

2. We provide you with Worker Earnings Receipts to log hours worked and money paid to your cleaner. If there are gaps, send us the Receipts and we'll adjust your account to reflect any time missed.

3. With TimeLine we can reconcile the EXACT hours your cleaner has worked. We can even tell if a cleaner is absent from your home when she should be there, enabling us to follow the cleaner up before you're even aware they're late or absent.

Q: What do I do if the cleaner is no good?

1. Tell us and we will allocate a replacement.

2. Please allow about 5 working days for such to be put forward.

Q: Is there insurance cover for damage done by the cleaner?

1. We cover for major damage over £100.00 (e.g. damage to a carpet, a valuable ornament etc.)

2. You are responsible for the first £100.00 of any claim.

3. Bleach spills are not covered and you should discourage your cleaner from using bleach, especially in carpeted areas.

Q: What do I do if I want to terminate?

1. Your contract continues up to the end of each quarterly payment period - so the minimum term is one quarter.

2. If you wish to cancel your contract with us you can do so at any time but you must do so in writing, giving us one months notice, to take effect at the end of a quarter payment period. You must cancel your mandate direct with your own bank at the same time.

Q: What training do you give your cleaners?

1. We put all the cleaners through a basic two-hour course stressing the importance of Honesty (e.g. when completing their time sheets), and Reliability (e.g. turning up on time and not letting you down).

2. We also train in colour coding & hygiene - this is where we encourage the use of different colour cloths (which we supply to you free) to differentiate between toilet areas and kitchen/food preparation areas.

3. Once you take a cleaner on, however, they become your direct employee. You will need to train them in the use of your own equipment (e.g. emptying vacuum cleaner) and make sure they are familiar with your particular requirements. We provide a Task Sheet for this purpose.

Q: Can I specify the day the cleaner comes?

Yes, you can, but almost everyone wants a cleaner on Friday. If you are only prepared to accept a Friday, it will take us longer to find someone suitable.

Q: Who is SelClene?

1. SelClene stands for 'Selected Cleaners'. Founded in 1987, in Maida Vale London, we now have over 14,000 private domestic householder clients.

2. We are a franchise whose Head Office is based in Haringey, North London and we have been in operation since 1993.

3. Nationally we have 105 franchised areas, from Newquay in the South, to Inverness in Scotland.

Q: Will your company be able to provide a cleaner if I move to a different area?

We may be able to. All the postcode areas covered by our company are listed on this site SelClene PostCode Areas

If you know which area you are moving to, why don't you look up your local office going to the head office Site SelClene PostCode area Map and select your Postcode Area?

If your postcode area isn't listed, we may still be able to accommodate you. New branches are opening all the time, so call our Head Office, 01639 730205, for the latest trading areas.

Q: How can I contact you to get started?

See Book an Appointment below.

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2. Book an Appointment

Booking an appointment is very simple.

Please click Book an appointment.

However if you still have more questions you can either include this on the appointment form, or

Telephone: 0208 341 7888 and ask for Aubrey.

3. Updates are ongoing.

More information about Frequently Asked Questions will be given as we develop this site further. Please bear with us as we gather the relevant information.

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