Use these tips for House Cleaning Efficiency

1. House Cleaning Efficiency

Ok. So I have to do this house cleaning task.

How do I make this as painless as possible?

Well it's down to planning the task in hand not only for the week to week tasks, but less regular tasks that are performed during the year.

This and other tips will keep your cleaning chore well in hand. Who knows you may begin to enjoy it and find it therapeutic (well some people do).

2. House Cleaning Efficiency Tips

Here therefore are the tips for cleaning efficiently:

  • Make yourself a schedule and cut down on confusion and disorder.

    There is nothing as frustrating as running around and cleaning whatever you see at the time. It's just confusing and energy sapping and you do not know what you are going to do next. So once you've decided you will do the cleaning write down everything that needs to be done and schedule a time to do each task.

  • Evaluate your time and spend it wisely.

    Plan how much time you will spend on each cleaning task, daily, weekly, and monthly and stick to that schedule.

    Get a preplanned or prepare a checklist to make this easier. Once you have performed each task a few times then you will have a better idea how long it will take and can amend it then. For more irregular time consuming tasks:

    i. Make a list of these household tasks that need to be done during the year.

    ii. Decide how many times a year the task needs to be done.

    iii. Calendar these tasks just as you do other appointments.

    iv. Granted you will need to be flexible but force yourself to do the task within the month assigned.

    This will help to schedule these irregular one off tasks and help to eliminate procrastination. (See later)

  • Make Every Move Count.

    Keep this in mind when you clean. Clean from the top to the bottom, from the back to the front, from the right to the left. Clean one area at a time and work your way completely around the room, cleaning it up as you go.

  • Concentrate When Cleaning.

    There is nothing as inefficient as a wandering mind. If you cannot concentrate you cannot do the cleaning (or any job) properly. So get rid of any distractions. Concentrate on the job at hand. Take the phone off the hook or let any calls go to the answering machine. The same for your mobile. Leave any other tasks until later. Put on some music or your favourite CD. It will make your job easier and more enjoyable (or less painful).

  • Carry Your Cleaning Supplies.

    Put your cleaning supplies in a bucket, tote or basket and take it with you so you don't have to stop to find something you need. This will save you a lot of time and energy.

  • Dust First, Vacuum Last.

    This enables you to vacuum away any dust from high areas that have fallen on the floor.

  • Use Portable House Cleaning Tools.

    Like a small whisk broom and canister vacuum.

  • Get someone to help you.

    If more than one person lives in the home, delegate specific jobs for each person if you can.

    But best help? Get a House Cleaning Service.

    More of this later.

  • Stop procrastinating.

    If you do not procrastinate it will not only save you time, but will also assist in your energy level and desire to keep up with your household chores.

    The dirtier and more cluttered a home becomes, which is what will happen if you procrastinate the less desire you will have to do these chores.

  • Stop being a Perfectionist.

    A perfectionist will be well worn out in general household cleaning. If a home is generally kept tidy, the dishes done, the bathroom, reasonably clean, and the floors quickly gone over with the vacuum, other things will usually go unnoticed.

    If you want to be perfect in all areas of your cleaning you will probably spend your whole life cleaning or it would be better to hire a House Cleaning Service.

  • Finding the right household cleaning equipment is well worth the search.

    Make sure you get an excellent vacuum and the correct cleaning materials and equipment before you start.

  • Deal with clutter daily.

    Constant small steps in the directions of no clutter is much easier than waiting until it’s hard to see anything but clutter. Junk mail should be thrown away daily.

3. Updates are ongoing.

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