House Cleaning Wood Floors & Furniture Yourself

When I moved to Scotland with my husband, Victor, my dreams of living in a wooden cottage surrounded by a heaven of greenery were fulfilled. I wanted to be far away from the metropolitan life and hustle and bustle of the city. The picture-perfect cottage assigned to us by Victor’s company was a treat to the eyes and was one of the oldest establishments in Ednam.

The beauty of the cottage and surroundings had mesmerized me enough, but it was the interior of the cottage that left me astounded. The interior of the cottage was designed in a blend of stone and wood making me feel like I had entered a fairytale book.

As my furniture arrived, I got myself ready for the enormous task of cleaning and furnishing the small cottage on my own. To shine the wooden floors, first, I dusted the hard floor and removed any traces of dirt from it. I mopped afterwards with a gallon of water mixed with ½ cup vinegar to avoid and water spots to form on the wood floor. When the floors were dry, I used a vegetable oil cleaner to give the floor a more polished look. This brought a sleek shine to the wood and created a fresher look to the rooms.

I dusted all my wooden furniture and inspected the type of wood each item was made from – lacquered, teak, rosewood, etc. For every type of wood, there is a special type of cleaning. Wood furniture that has been lightly lacquered does not absorb oil. On the other hand, teak and rosewood benefit most with furniture oil.

My furniture was made from rosewood, so I made my own oil finish by pouring equal parts of turpentine and boiled linseed oil. After mixing the contents, I poured a small amount of it on a soft linen cloth and rubbed it on the wooden furniture. In the beginning, the wood looked oily, but after an hour, the furniture gave a soft sheen that brightened the room.

By placing the nicely polished furniture around the rooms stylishly, with decorations intricately placed atop table-tops, and hanging pictures on bare walls, the cottage gave a cozy and welcoming appeal to anyone who stepped inside it. The small cottage became my home and a haven of peace for me!

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Oct 22, 2015
Tile and Grout Cleaning
by: Wayne Thompson

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Oct 20, 2015
Wood Floor Cleaning
by: Reed

The identical supplier that cleans your carpet can be in a position to deep clean your tile and grout, and recondition and seal the grout and the tile. This way, no longer handiest can your carpet get a perk-up, however your tile does too. When you've got broken or scratched tile, scratched laminate ground, or different damage to your ground, your Carpet Cleaning Pasadena supplier may be able to support you by repairing the damage or by means of getting rid of and replacing the damaged spots...The cleaning answer aids within the dissolving of dirt, which is then reapplied to your flooring with the mopping method. It's an ineffective method to easy your flooring! A respectable Tile and Grout Cleaning Pasadena organization employs uniqueness, professional-grade cleansing tools and equipment to bring back the usual of your tile and grout. Upon arrival, your technician will first investigate cross-check and verify your floor.

Jul 08, 2011
Awesome DIY techniques
by: London Cleaners

great DIY techniques. Wooden articles and floor needs special care.If you use any chemical product to clean them. be careful. Choose only recommended product.Cheap chemicals affect the surface of articles and ruins their shining.

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