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  • Upholstery.

    If there’s a 'W' on the care tag, upholstery can be cleaned using the steps that follow. Otherwise, play it safe. Consult a Professional:

    • Add two capfuls of Woolite or a neutral-pH dish soap to a bucket of cool water. Dip in a sponge, wring it out well, then rub a thin layer of the solution onto each cushion, starting with the dirtiest side.
    • Balance the cushions against one another or a wall to dry. Put colourfast towels or white paper towels between points where pieces touch, leaving as much surface area as possible exposed to the air.
    • Clean the body of the sofa or chair, wringing the sponge out well so you’re using as little liquid as possible. To prevent mildew growth, let all the pieces air-dry completely before reassembling.
  • Fabric Lamp Shades.

    • Gently roll the shade from side to side in a bathtub filled with a few inches of lukewarm water and two capfuls of Woolite. Use a sponge or a rag to distribute the solution evenly over the shade.
    • Run a damp cloth or a sponge over the shade inside and out to rinse off the solution, then blot gently with a colourfast towel as droplets can leave water spots.
    • Set the shade on its bottom rim on a clean towel placed on a flat surface and let it dry completely. Re affix it to the lamp.
    For Velvet or Silk lamp shades, see a Professional.

  • Rugs.

    Deep cleaning should be left to the professionals. However use this routine to minimize dirt buildup between these tasks:

    • Place the rug face down on an old clean sheet and vacuum thoroughly. If your vacuum has a beater bar, flip it to the lowest setting. Turn the rug over and vacuum the top side.
    • Using a sponge or a clean towel dampened (not saturated) with plain water, gently blot any dirty areas several times. Alternate with a dry towel to keep moisture to a minimum.
    • Work carefully over the damp areas with a soft, clean carpet brush to raise the pile and expose the fibers to the air. The agitation dries them and lifts any remaining dirt.

  • Drapes.

    Giving them a regular, thorough dusting will help you save on your dry cleaning bills:

    • Gently tug drapes to open pleats. Using a low setting and the brush attachment, vacuum each panel. For delicate or loosely woven fabrics, hold the brush an inch away to avoid pulling.
    • Pay special attention to the lower foot of the drape and the hem, where dust and dirt accumulate.
    • To remove smudges (the kind passing pets leave), apply a bit of baby powder to a clean toothbrush and gently brush the spot. The powder protects the fabric and helps lift the dirt.

  • Wooden Blinds.

    If wooden blinds are sealed (most are), they can be washed. Always vacuum or dust them thoroughly beforehand:

    • Adjust the blinds so the slats are angled down, toward the floor. In a bucket, prepare a solution of a few capfuls of dishwashing liquid and water.
    • Working one slat at a time, wash each with a damp (not saturated) rag. Use a dry towel to soak up excess water as you go. Flip the blind and repeat on the other side.
    • To clean the cord, pull the shade all the way up so the cord is fully extended. Run the damp rag up and down it once, then follow with the dry towel.

  • Furniture Cleaning:

    • Polish the wood furniture.
    • Vacuum cloth upholstery. Clean and condition leather upholstery.
    • Vacuum under and in between cushions.
    • Clean under the couches.

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