Our London Cleaning Services Page will tell you how easy it is to get a cleaner from us.

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1. London Cleaning Services

First, let me tell you a story...

Two friends, called Sarah and Julie, being fed up with having to do the cleaning themselves decided to obtain cleaners from different sources, either privately or using one of the London Cleaning Services.

Sarah first decided to ask her friends but they either had a cleaner who was too busy to take on new clients, or were in the same boat, looking for one. Totally frustrated she decided to advertise for a cleaner and received a few responses.

However half of them could not speak English well enough and some were not interested in anything more than 2 - 3 weeks ('I just wanted a bit of money for my kid's birthday'). She decided to interview a cleaner but during the interview she discovered that the cleaner did not want to do certain tasks, did not have the right documents to legally work in the country and, last but not least, there was just something about her that she did not like.

After about 4 weeks of wasted time, energy and money, Sarah did not have a cleaner yet. Exasperated, she decides to call Julie:

Sarah: 'I'm sorry I haven't been in touch, but I've been so busy and tired from looking for a cleaner, and have wasted so much time and money but no luck yet. Shall we join forces and try to obtain a cleaner? Maybe that way it may be easier to find someone.'

Julie: 'But Sarah, I already have a cleaner!'

Sarah: 'What? You found someone?'

Julie: 'Yes, I've had this lady for nearly 4 weeks now! After we spoke, I had a leaflet dropped in my mailbox. It was SelClene, one of the best known London Cleaning Services. I read it and looked up the company's web site and decided to give them a call to arrange an appointment.

Someone came to see me the same day. The appointment took only about 20 minutes and they arranged for the cleaner to come the next day.

She is fantastic. Honestly I thought you had someone already, which is why I did not ring you.'

Sarah: 'Oh my word! Can you please give me their phone number?'

2. What to expect from SelClene.

Above is a typical scenario of a person looking for a cleaner.

You can spend and waste a lot of your time and money as those who have looked would testify, or you can simply use the services of SelClene, one of the longest London Cleaning Services around, and obtain an honest and reliable cleaner for you to use week in and week out.

This is what you'll get if you join SelClene now:

  • Quick and easy access to a cleaner - one call or email and within 5-7 days (usually much sooner), you will have your own regular household cleaner.

  • Written references for previous work - each cleaner we take on supplies this, so that you can know their standard of work and their suitability for you to employ them.
  • Vetting for honesty. Each SelClene cleaner goes through a thorough vetting procedure in which he/she provides proof of ID and address among other things, so that you can rest assured that you are employing an honest and reliable person.
  • Competence and reliability - Many SelClene cleaners already work for other clients of ours who will confirm for you their competence and reliability.
  • Monitor of cleaner's worked hours - SelClene can monitor the amount of hours your cleaner actually spends in your home, ensuring that you get exactly what you are paying for.
  • We specialize only in providing cleaners for private homes.
  • SelClene is a franchise, which was founded in 1987, and our particular branch has been operating since 1993, therefore being one of the longest London Cleaning Services around. We therefore have over 13 yrs experience selecting cleaners for clients such as you.

    So you can rest assured a company who knows what they are doing is looking after you. That's why 14,000 households nationally chose a SelClene cleaner.

To continue click Vetting Procedure and Rates.

3. Book an appointment.

Booking an appointment is very simple.

Please click Book an appointment.

However if you still have more questions, you can either include these on the appointment form or

Telephone: 0208 3417888 and ask for Aubrey.

4. Updates are ongoing.

More information about London Cleaning Services will be given as we develop this site further. Please bear with us as we gather the relevant information.

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