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1. Understanding Odours.

Odour!! Smells!! Who needs them.

You want to relax in your home where you spend the part of your day after you come home from work and the last thing you want is an unpleasant smelly environment, whatever the smell is.

It could be pet odours, smells from the rubbish bin/trash or mildew. I'm sure you like most people hate these smells.

Although air fresheners can help mask some smells, they don't always do the job of completely removing odours.

So before you go hiring a professional to do the job or buying odour removal products, I will introduce to you a few tips on how to get rid of unwanted smells and odours.

However first of all let us help you understand exactly what odours are and how they are caused here.

2. Eliminate those unpleasant odours.

Here are the tips for getting rid of bad odours.

  • General

    First of all, use your nose to do to detect general odours. That is 'The Sniff Test'.

    This means that you should concentrate on sniffing out the odour by utilizing your sense of smell.

    Just sniff around the area and determine where the pungent smell is coming from and when you have found what is causing the smell, remove it and get rid of it.

    Then wash the odorous area with warm water and use an antibacterial agent.

    Once it is completely clean, you can then air out the area.

    Follow up with an odour-neutralizing spray or put 1/2 cup of vinegar in a bowl and leave it in the affected area for an even fresher and cleaner scent.

  • Household

    • General

      Before you buy a commercial product, try this homemade cleaning odour removal route. You can have a home that smells fruity, specifically like oranges and cinnamon.

      Take two tablespoons of cinnamon and some orange peels and boil them in a cup of water so that the cinnamon scent permeates throughout your house. Then allow the fresh scent to permeate throughout your house giving it a pleasant fruity smell.

    • Carpet

      To remove odours from carpet, take a box of baking soda and spread it all over the floor. Leave it there overnight (or longer) and then vacuum the floor the next day. You'll then have a fresh smelling and aromatic floor.

      For really tough odours, you may have to steam the floor first and then use the above mentioned baking soda treatment.

  • Kitchen

    • Cooking

      To remove pungent cooking odours from cooking things such as cabbage or cauliflower, add a tablespoon of lemon juice to the cooking water. You can also add lemon juice to your dishwasher cup so that it smells lemony clean.

      For smelly cutting board, you should clean it with an antibacterial soap and then rinse it with baking soda and water.

    • Refrigerator

      First of all remove all items from your refrigerator and get rid of all the smelly ones. Clean all trays and the entire inside of the fridge with a mixture of bleach and water or baking soda and water. Then rinse it out completely with clean warm water and then let it air out.

      Wipe down all items with a clean soapy cloth and then rinse with a clean rag. Lastly replace everything making sure that you leave an open box of baking soda in the refrigerator. By doing this, you'll ensure that your refrigerator stays fresh-smelling.

    • Sink

      For really bad sink odours, take some detergent and mix with some hot water and then pour it in the sink. For stubborn smells, add some bleach to hot water and then pour it down the sink.

      If sewer smells emanate from the sink itself, pour some commercial cleaner down the sink’s small hole. If this doesn't work, then call a professional plumber.

    • Sponge

      Run the sponges through the washing machine, or soak them in one gallon of water and 2/3 cup of household bleach. Not only will this get rid of the odorous smell but it will also get rid of germs as well.

    • Garbage

      For smelly garbage disposals, make sure that you clean the rubber stopper thoroughly and then pour a hot water, vinegar or baking soda mixture down the disposal.

      Lastly, you should grind up some lemon or orange rinds to give it an even cleaner smell.

  • Pets

    Here you have to use your nostrils to do the sniff test again.

    Get down low and really sniff out and smell the area to find the urine stain. When the stain is found, blot out the area with a white paper towel and then use an enzymatic cleaner to completely remove the area which will partially get rid of the odour.

    Once it is completely dry, vacuum with baking soda or some other type of carpet powder, specifically for pet stains.

    For older odours that you can't find with your nose, you should use a pet stain backlight that allows the stain to be seen influorescent light. Once you see it, you should attack it as mentioned previously and then clean it thoroughly with an enzymatic cleaner.

  • Smoke Odours

    One solution. If you place small bowls of the product pine-sol throughout the house, the odour will be absorbed.

    However smoke odours can be tough to get rid of and if this doesn't work call in a professional cleaner.

  • Toilet Odours

    For toilet bowl odours, clean up the area thoroughly with a commercial cleaning product and then add a commercial toilet cleaning freshener. Clean around the sides of the bowl thoroughly.

    If you will find that the smell won't leave and the toilet bowl moves from side to side, the wax ring might have eroded and needs to be replaced. This can be done by a professional plumber.

3. Introduce sweet smelling odours.

Here are some tips for producing aromatic odours.

  • Pick up a few favourite essential oils. They can be found in many floral shops or even craft and department stores. Depending upon the scent you want, choose an oil and place a few drops of it on a cotton ball then stash the cotton ball somewhere in the room you wish to scent, preferably on a small dish.
  • Add drops of spicy oil or even fresh ground spices to a pot of simmering water. This will also help humidify the house as well as make it seem fresher.
  • Take a fresh orange, and using a toothpick poke holes through the rind. Stuff whole cloves through the holes. This makes a wonderful scent and lasts a while.

    You can even wrap a 1/4" - 1/2" wide ribbon around the orange so it can hang.

  • You can also make spicy air fresheners using applesauce and cinnamon as well as spices.

    You need 1 cup of chilled applesauce, 1/2 cup of ground cloves, 1/2 cup of ground cinnamon, and 1/2 cup of nutmeg. Mix all ingredients together and it will form a dough. Roll the dough out until it is 1/4" thick and cut into any shape you wish, with a cookie cutter or free hand.

    Using a straw poke a hole in the top of the shapes for hanging. Lay out shapes on wax paper until they are completely dry, which can take 24-48 hours. Insert ribbon or string through hole and hang as desired.

4. Updates are ongoing.

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