Our Vetting Procedure and Rates Page will show you how we advertise for, interview and vet all our cleaners and our House Cleaning Rates.

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Welcome to our Vetting Procedure and Rates Page.

1. Interviewing and Vetting.

We advertise for cleaners in the National and Local Newspapers and also obtain them from referrals from current workers.

On average, we get about 50-60 cleaners ringing us each week for work and from those we only invite about half to interview because speaking to the other half we realise they are not suitable for this type of work.

The ones we invite for interview, we ask to bring with them two written references, proof of ID, two proofs of their home address, two passport photographs of themselves and a document with their National Insurance number.

Out of the 25-30 that we invite to interview, only about 7-8 would turn up. Those that don't, we never call back because in a way, they have already proven their unreliability.

The people that turn up are thoroughly interviewed about their experience, their attitude towards this type of work and their availability of course, and from them, at the end, only 5 would start.

So out of about 50 people ringing us up about 5-6 would start, so what we are doing is filtering out all the time wasters, thus eliminating the unsuitable applicants so that you can be reasonably sure of their honesty and reliability.

2. Our Rates.

Now, our rates are £9.47 per hour maximum for a minimum of 2.5 hours per week. As the hours increase, the rate decreases. But it is always broken down into two parts -

1. £6.00 per hour you pay directly to the cleaner on each of her visits.

2. £3.47 per hour goes to the agency being paid by standing order in advance on a quarterly basis.

The agency fee includes insurance cover for damage should the cleaner be negligent, it also includes a system called TimeLine that monitors the hours the cleaner does for you and ensures you are getting exactly what you pay for; and if the cleaner goes on a holiday or is sick, you can contact us to obtain a replacement cleaner.

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3. Book an appointment.

Booking an appointment is very simple.

Please click Book an appointment.

However if you still have more questions, then either include these on the appointment form or

Telephone: 0208 341 7888 and ask for Aubrey.

4. Updates are ongoing.

More information about Vetting Procedure and Rates will be given as we develop this site further. Please bear with us as we gather the relevant information.

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